Blend pleated silk lake blue long sleeve shirt is simple and loose


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A casual shirt made from a premium silk blend. The cloth surface is dry and has natural small folds, so that the solid color fabric also has wonderful details. We simplified the structure and lines of the shirt from everywhere, and polished this version of the simple and loose shirt.
In addition to the white shirt, we developed this equally crisp and premium lake blue. The COLOR IS WARM AND comfortable, stable and collected at the same time, with charming rational charm, and suitable for all kinds of skin tones, providing various possibilities for spring and summer shirts.
High-quality blended silk is now commonly referred to as “dry silk” because it is dry and crisp and has a similar feel to wrinkled paper. In the process of spinning silk, nylon fiber is added to the warp, and then the sand washing process is finished after high temperature strong shrinkage. The use of silk and nylon shrinkage rate is different, so that the surface of the cloth wrinkled, showing natural texture effect. The soft grain sense combined with the unique luster of silk makes the whole full of wonderful fog.


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Lake Blue


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