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Spring and summer deep oak color leisure suit imported blended fabric


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Casual suits. In order to distinguish from the heavy and serious sense of traditional suits, we choose light and breathable adhesive lining and shoulder pads, which show a relaxed and random design effect while maintaining the high texture of the suit.
Imported twill fabric has excellent droop feeling and UV protection function. Warm dark oak color is superior and unique, friendly to all skin tones. The CHOICE of fabric strengthens the casual and relaxed upper body effect, bringing casual temperament for capable modeling.
Collar, waist line, pockets, shoulder pads and so on, these version details we have repeatedly polished, in order to achieve appropriate and comfortable proportion modelling, which can be a good description of the wearer’s proportion and line sense. In addition to the full-body brown look, you can also explore different textures and slightly different color combinations of the same color system.


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